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Honda CBR500R Fairing kits (2012-2018)

Honda's CBR500R Fairing is about balance. The model is widely praised by riders moving towards larger machines or those seeking to cut down but not sacrifice the style and performance that attracted them to motorcycling. This model can find the right balance between performance and reasonable running costs. With its sleek design and user-friendly features, The entirely CBR500R fairing can do everything, also, from daily commutes to weekend trips.

Features of CBR500R Fairing kits

Aftermarket CBR500R fairing kits use High-quality ABS plastic (injection molding). And comprises 13 pieces + 1 (Full fairing kit and Windscreen for free).


The CBR500R's fairing gets its aggressive look from wedge-like, straight design lines and broader lower fairings that emphasize a speedy feel. The seat pad of the rider, the seat unit, and the side and upper fairings have been made narrower to aid in mobility and ergonomics. In addition, the sharply chiseled headlights are threateningly forward, completing the all-LED appearance.


Mass centralization, which places the engine close to the pivot point on the swingarm, allows for quick turning, and optimum front/rear weight distribution provides stability. Curb weight (measured using liquids) can be 423 pounds with the ABS version. With a chair height of 30.9 inches, The CBR500R fairing is simple to handle, and its seat posture comfortably accommodates riders of all sizes.


The CBR500R's fairing eight-valve, liquid-cooled parallel-twin-cylinder engine offers a well-proportioned balance of physical size and enjoyable power output, with an energetic, high-revving character and capable top-end performance. Acceleration is quick thanks to a specially tuned engine to provide high low-to mid-range power and excellent torque throughout the 3,000-7,000 rev range.

The fuel injection feed for the PGM-FI is more or less a straight stream of airflow that passes through the throttle and airbox bodies. The battery is set away from the airbox's rear intake duct, which allows for more airflow. The exhaust muffler has two exit pipes that add an athletic sound to each pulse. Peak power comes in at 8,500 pm. The maximum torque is available at 7700 per minute.